Flexible training programs

inspired by sport and customised for your health and fitness journey

Fun and engaging workouts that can be completed anywhere. 


Unlock your potential with MVP

Our individually crafted programs are designed to help you to achieve your physical potential. Decades of experience and market-leading technology means that having MVP in your corner will accelerate your development to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.


What They Say

I play competitive sport and needed a way to keep my fitness levels up but also track progress. MVP was able to give me a challenging program and let me know exactly how my fitness levels were.
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Chris Owen (Gravesham & Wellcome Hockey Club)
The majority of the team at Williams Kent have been using the MVP strength and conditioning app for 3 months now and we have all seen positive results. We all try to spur each other on and it really has kept the team connected during lockdown.
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Kevin O’Brien
I used to have a Personal Trainer before lockdown and wanted to keep training. I tried a couple of their programs over a couple of weeks and they were helpful finding the right one for me as I found some of them too easy. I even bought gym equipment and my sessions were adapted!
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Barnaby Adams (PhD Contemporary Art Theory student)