About Us

Project MVP

Project MVP is a human performance company with the mission of helping people to unlock their potential at whatever level and achieve their individual goals.
Our beginnings started in 2017 with an idea, an idea that sports performance can be related to all walks of life. Inspired by professional sport we have utilised pillars of success that include health, wellness, performance, movement, recovery, teamwork as well as a determination to succeed. We seek to infuse this with everyday life to help people to become the best version of themselves.
We have created a community of the most knowledgeable professionals to help any organization or individual to reach their potential. Well-being and performance are crucial to success and with Project MVP we can support you at whatever level.

Every person has individual goals.

A one-size-fits-all approach fits no one well. Our services include customised (training/strength and conditioning/performance) plans that create a culture of success in teams and individuals, with everyone feeling supported throughout their journey with MVP. Whether at a professional sports level, or someone on the beginning of their journey. Every last person in that environment works together to produce lasting results.
We start by understanding more about you and your situation to get an all-round holistic view of you as an individual.
We then create a customised plan based on your requirements. No matter what you want to achieve you need a plan that’s centred around your requirements.
Delivery of our services comes next. Through different mediums including training apps and more personalised contact, we are here to deliver exactly what you need when you need it.
Measure. Validate. Perform. By adjusting programs and plans based on real data we are able to accelerate your development.

What we do

Training Programs:

By combining years of experience in strength and conditioning, the latest AI technology and advanced data analytics we have created fantastic and engaging training programs all delivered via our training app. Meaning you can train anywhere any time with customised programs and more. Find your perfect program and start your journey with MVP

Performance Athlete Testing & Health/Wellness Assessments:

We can engage directly with individuals, teams and companies by completing assessments tailored to your requirements. Our fully equipped mobile unit regularly visits facilities across the UK to closely monitor health seekers, fitness fanatics, athletes and company employees to provide a rounded view of the individual's requirements. Our wide range of assessments caters to athletes, coaches and some of the best-known health/wellness professionals to fully assess people of all levels. It doesn't just stop at the assessments. Our masters and UKSCA qualified coaches will be with your athletes every step of the way, providing guidance to ensure maximum benefit and results.

Data Analytics:

Based on results from the assessment day and continued analysis of training data from our app, we will provide high quality and specific feedback and content to educate the individual to what their data really means. We are totally unbiased and will provide you with validated feedback to really track development via our advanced data analytics system.

Talent Identification & Development:

While there are plenty of success stories of professional athletes who honed their craft from an incredibly young age, they are still the minority. Many collect skills from various sports during their childhood and may eventually find a sport they love and are great at 15, maybe even 19 years old. We are here to assess and highlight potential avenues based on stature and performance, we will guide changes to training to support a new sporting venture. We use our large pool of data to benchmark athletes and highlight those with the highest potential for coaches to scout their future. We are looking for long-term school partnerships to track your athletes over a 5-year period. This prevents any athlete who develops late from being missed, can highlight those making big changes and after a few visits can forecast the future potential. Coaches can track athletes and follow the potential, creating a detailed scouting profile and providing athletes with the best opportunity to succeed in sport

The Leadership Team

The MVP team leadership team is a group of devoted professionals who will stop at nothing in the pursuit of excellence. The team comprises of an expert strength and conditioning department headed up by Mike and Hammy, our marketing and business development guru April, Rob who drives the data and technology for MVP and two founders, Lee & Matt. Lee has vast experience in professional sport with 10 years as a professional athlete and Matt comes from an entrepreneurial background in business. We have a huge network of talented health experts, coaches and fitness professionals who work with us to provide market-leading services across the UK and beyond.