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With MVP's analytics software you can realise what your data can do for you by integrating your physical, performance, and wellness data into one platform. MVP centralises everything to make analytics easy and insightful.


You collect your data via our mobile app and integrations with your 3rd party data partners.

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Our machine learning systems fully analyse and visualise your data in real-time.


Through the understanding and visualisation of your data, you can drive improvement, monitor, program, and implement performance strategies that will have an immediate effect.

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data-driven icon data - driven decision making

Aggregate all the data you collect

Easily import real-time data from your training app wearables

Powerful mobile friendly visualisations

tailor icon tailor - made solutions

Define and benchmark your key statistics& KPI's

Easy to use filtering to fully understand your data

Measure progress over time

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Performance icon Performance Analytics

Identify strengths and weaknesses in players, smaller units, year groups and teams

Use our benchmarking feature to compare your athletes against our huge database

Great optional extra. If you would like help with programming your athletes then MVP's revolutionary training app delivers individualised performance training programs and integrates directly with your other data sources, giving ultimate clarity and understanding

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Your analytics are available via your portal 24/7 and work perfectly across all devices. Interrogate your data with custom filters to get exactly what you are looking for.

unified icon UNIFIED

MVP systems can be used with ALL your data sources including GPS systems like catapult, statsports, Garmin, activity trackers like Fitbit, Strava, and more. We bring everything together under one easy to use platform.

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protected icon PROTECTED

Two-factor authentication and permission-based access ensure complete security. Your data is our priority and we ensure all processes are fully GDPR compliant. Our systems are fully cloud-based, to minimise any risk of data loss.

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Our experienced staff work with you to customise your MVP journey and ensure your requirements are met through a fully customisable system.

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Many athlete and data management systems are expensive, complex and, at times underused by organisations. Therefore, they can be poor value for money for any organisation.

By utilising over 20 years of experience in high-performance sport and data analytics, MVP’s software systems are simple, cost-effective, and easy to use. Leaving you with time to concentrate on the things that matter most to your organisation…. Winning!

Our systems have been built to stand the test of time and to ensure a fantastic user experience. We use our software on a day to day basis internally so can offer the software at a great price!

Everyone from schools to high performing sports teams and organisations are using MVP Analytics to simplify and further understand the power of their data.

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how our clients use MVP Analytics

Managing their day to day training and match protocols

Collecting and analysing their fitness testing data with hundreds of pre-set tests/visualisations to choose from

Importing their GPS data and comparing against norms

Allowing their players access to view their data via a secure portal

Utilising gym training data from programming (from our app or their own source) in their analytics.

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Other products

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Performance Assessments and support

We help organisations to assess their athlete’s performance, spot potential, and offer S & C support via training programs and session delivery.


Individual Training Programs

Custom training programs for individuals of any age or ability

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Corporate Health & Wellness

Workplace health and wellness including assessments, monitoring, gamification and more.


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