MVP Analytics - Athlete Management Software

MVP Analytics - Athlete Management Software

With MVP's analytics software you can realise what your data can do for you by integrating your physical, performance, and wellness data into one platform.


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MVP centralises everything to make analytics easy and insightful. You collect your data via our mobile app and some integrations with your 3rd party data partners then our machine learning systems fully analyse and visualise your data in real-time. Then through the understanding and visualisation of your data, you can drive improvement, monitor, program, and implement performance strategies that will have an immediate effect.

If you are a coach who’s interested in your data but struggle to make use of all of it or hate how much time you need to spend making it presentable to coaches then MVP Analytics is for you.

Our dashboards allow you to dig deep and scrutinise the data as much as you like, you can export the data to excel and continue to perform the detailed analysis you like. However, MVP Analytics makes large volumes of data easily digestible for the coaching staff to interpret, such as season averages and trends, top performers, and improvers. Live dashboards all instantly update data such as daily check-ins and gym leader boards to create quick insights for coaches and excitement for players on max out day.

We do all the leg work in the background, you simply use the mobile app to input data, if you don’t want to type a formula ever again then we have you covered. Simply enter the data and spend time with your players doing what you love and coaching, the quick results give you more time to write programs based on the information rather than gathering, collating, and analysing all by yourself.

It has all the functionality of pivot charts, power queries, VBA script, and more without having to spend weeks learning it. If you haven’t heard of these before then it is excel on steroids without you having to lift a finger. Think of team buildr, kitman labs, edge10 with a price to suit the individual coach.

The mobile app means you can collect data on the field and in the gym without having to haul a laptop around. The app has a huge number of on-field, monitoring, and gym-based tests and exercises for you to use and we are constantly adding to the list based on coach’s requests. The mobile view of the reports also means you can pull up charts for the coaches to look at without needing to be stood around a laptop.

If you currently use either an athlete management system or excel please read our article on how our software complements and enhances excel’s capabilities and replaces underused, clunky, and overpriced athlete management software.

It’s £9.99 per month for unlimited athletes on our standard plan so there simply isn’t a more affordable athlete management system.

Our team of S & C coaches and data scientists are on hand to personally onboard you, giving you all the tools you need to transfer all your historic data to the portal with a few clicks, give you hints and tips and even hold webinars to help you get the most from the software.

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