Why wellbeing programmes will be the biggest employee benefit after Covid-19

Why wellbeing programmes will be the biggest employee benefit after Covid-19

When it comes to employee benefits, wellbeing programmes are going to be the most valued perk in the post-Coronavirus workplace. Even before Covid-19, surveys repeatedly found that most people wanted their employers to take a more active interest in their health and wellbeing. That will only intensify as people get back to work in a world where we’re all much more acutely aware of our health.

Changing attitudes

Covid-19 has made people much more conscious about their fitness levels. The mental and physical health of many was put under severe pressure by lockdown, and for some, there will be lasting consequences which will require treatment and ongoing support. One of the places people are likely to turn for that support will be their employers and colleagues, the people they will spend a considerable amount of their time with once places of work reopen.

As attitudes towards health have shifted, one of the greatest benefits an employer will be able to offer in the future will be workplace-based wellbeing programmes. Yoga groups, mindfulness courses and workplace fitness programmes, for example, could all become more valuable to employees in the coming months and years.

Caring for employees

Having such wellbeing programmes in the workplace benefits everyone. While employees get time to focus on their physical and mental health, employers could find fewer days are lost to sickness as a result. The working landscape looks very different post-pandemic, and wellbeing is now higher on the public agenda than it has ever been before.

By developing wellbeing programmes, employers demonstrate a genuine interest in the health of their employees, and that makes staff feel valued. We are entering a phase when companies will need to demonstrate they are caring, supportive and playing an active role in a society which is slowly beginning to recover and heal.

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