Number crunching: How smart data analysis shapes the ideal personalised fitness plan

Number crunching: How smart data analysis shapes the ideal personalised fitness plan

Many people starting out on a new fitness regime find they set themselves impossible targets. By setting the bar too high, it’s easy to become demotivated and feel you’ve ‘failed’ when you miss those targets, increasing the temptation to quit. Thanks to the MVP app, smart data analysis could help your employees set fitness targets which are both ambitious yet wholly achievable, meaning they’re more likely to stick it out and make real progress.

How does it work?

The app takes information gathered at an initial assessment then continuously gathers training data from your team member’s workout sessions. Through an advanced data analytics system, it monitors their performance and enables our coaches to provide validated one-to-one feedback and keep them up to date on their progress.

The data gathered not only helps them see how they’ve improved, but it also helps their personal trainer set new goals that will stretch them but without pushing them beyond their limits. By setting training targets which are realistic, they continue to build up their fitness levels and enjoy the satisfaction and good mood boost which come with achieving something.

Could it work for your workplace?

We believe the MVP data analysis app could benefit any workplace environment. Regular fitness training enhances employees’ physical and mental health, particularly when they can see the results and success on a regular basis. That positivity impacts all other aspects of their lives, including their productivity and satisfaction at work.

Workplaces that have health and wellbeing initiatives make staff feel valued, and they in return are more likely to be happier in their jobs. Happier employees mean an increase in retention rates. To find out more about how we can help, simply contact the MVP team today to discuss your requirements.