Why An Office Job Makes Fitness All The More Important

Why An Office Job Makes Fitness All The More Important

When you spend all day working at a desk, your overall health and fitness can really suffer. Office jobs don’t usually give staff many opportunities to get in some exercise, and almost all of us are guilty of simply staring at our screens for hours on end. More of us are living sedentary lifestyles, both at home and at work. So what are the physical and mental effects of a job where you’re desk-bound for the day?

Physical Effects of Office Life

However well-designed their office chair and desk might be, chances are staff end up with hunched shoulders and curved spines as they pore over their screens and keyboards. Once the body has become accustomed to poor posture, it can be hard for bones and muscles to ‘unlearn’ that position without regular exercise.

There’s also a growing obesity crisis among office workers, who don’t move around enough to burn off the excess calories. Many of us are guilty of stashing a packet of biscuits in the desk drawer, and the nature of office work can tempt people into grazing at their desks all day. Regular exercise classes can, therefore, help office workers keep trim.

Mental Effects of Office Life

Of course, mind and body are equally important to the whole. The office atmosphere is not always kind on our mental health, with many people suffering from work-related stress and the social isolation which can come with constantly being glued to a screen in concentration.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to promote better mental health. Regular workouts can help people ‘switch off’ from work pressures and just live in the moment, and there’s a real sense of achievement that comes with setting and smashing personal goals, rather than office deadlines.

Ready for Action?

The health and wellbeing of office employees is MVP’s number one priority, which is why we can offer customised fitness packages to your employees. Using training apps and the latest in sports technology, these tailored programmes really can change the physical and mental health of office workers for the better.

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