How a New Fitness Plan Could Help Your Employees Smash Their Work Goals

How a New Fitness Plan Could Help Your Employees Smash Their Work Goals

When you’re at the helm of a company, large or small, you want your employees to succeed and drive the business forward. Increasing productivity is often the number one priority for many organisations, but it’s important not to lose sight of employee wellbeing in the rush to increase the amount of work being done.

Staff who are under pressure will often become less productive rather than pulling out all the stops, and mental health issues are on the rise in the workplace. If you think a customised fitness plan has no place in the office, you might want to think again. Employees who engage in workplace fitness are always the most productive, for a variety of reasons.

Mood Enhancing Workouts

Exercise causes the brain to release endorphins, which create a ‘feel-good’ sensation and boost mood. Even a very short workout can leave someone feeling that ‘high’, which lasts for many hours and is inevitably carried back to their desk with them. People in a positive frame of mind have more mental energy for working, and exercise has also been proven to boost attention spans and concentration levels.

Mental health conditions now cause a staggering 70 million lost working days in the UK, so there has never been a more crucial time to look after employee wellbeing. Workplace stress is often the starting point for anxiety and depression. In their mildest forms, these conditions may affect someone’s ability to focus and carry out their work as best they can, and in their most severe forms can be utterly debilitating.

How Fitness Helps with Work

We always say that success breeds success. Sport is one of the easiest means of self-improvement and an area where challenges can be found and overcome. The sense of achievement which comes with setting and reaching a fitness goal is immeasurable and naturally feeds into other areas of life. An employee who has a successful workout takes that renewed confidence and purpose back to the office, where it has a huge influence over the quantity and quality of the work they produce.

Even if they take some time away from their desks, a mood-boosting workout and a target reached see employees return with a new drive. All the research shows that happy workers are more productive workers, so time out is more than recouped by the increased concentration and positivity of an employee who has had that fitness break.

Let’s Get to Work!

Employees are better able to meet their deadlines and smash their workplace goals if they’ve already hit their fitness targets. Our fully customised fitness plans set ambitious but achievable goals for your team members, ensuring they look after themselves in mind and body and returning them to their desks with renewed ambition.

To find out more about our services or to hire our expert fitness coaches, get in touch with the MVP team today and see how we could help.