MVP open events: where we have tested during April and May.

MVP open events: where we have tested during April and May.

In addition to testing aspiring young athletes at secondary schools and clubs, MVP has been hosting open events across the UK, to give local athletes and teams the opportunity to test like an elite athlete and receive great insights into their athletic potential.


April and May saw us travel all over the UK, from Wales to Glasgow, to the coasts of the south of the UK and back to our home town of London. We have been discovering hidden talent across all corners and we want to share some of the fantastic results achieved at our most recent MVP events.


We first tested in Carmarthen, Wales at University of Wales Trinity St Davids, where we met athletes from Carmarthen Hockey Club, Whitland RFC, Cyclists and Triathletes. Our current highest female vertical jump result was achieved by a lady from Carmarthen Hockey Club - 52.3cm, which was a fantastic way to start off our recent string of open events.




Our second open event took us to Glasgow, David Lloyd West End, where we saw some incredible scores from Lewis a 24-year-old footballer - 10m sprint time of 1.67 seconds, 20m sprint time of 2.88 seconds, and agility time of 4.71 seconds and a yo-yo score of 20.5 (level2). These are all great scores that represented his speed and quick change of direction on the field, as well as a high level of cardiovascular fitness - His 20m sprint time is currently the fastest indoor time we have recorded.





At the Glasgow event, we also had the pleasure of testing SYFA West Region young footballers, where we found that their group average on the pro-agility test was in the top 1% of the country for their age group (13), a superb result considering how many boys took part. Changing direction rapidly is a difficult skill to acquire and therefore this is encouraging to see them doing this well at such a young age. The best result of the pro-agility test fell to Adam who achieved 5.12 seconds, which is our current fastest pro-agility time that we have seen from a 13-year old that we have tested.





Our next stop was the University of Brighton, where we tested a wide range of athletes with some great results achieved at both ends of the age spectrum. We saw a 47-year-old male reach 18.1 in the yo-yo test (level 1), and produce a 46.2cm vertical jump, which indicated that he had both a great level of power and fitness for his age. 15-year-old Alex who plays a high level of junior rugby performed well across the board, ranking highly for most tests and achieved a top 10-15% score on the yo-yo for his age. Alex who was predicted to be 1.6yrs past his peak growth spurt, and as such, within his report was encouraged to increase the intensity of his training to prepare him for the higher levels of competition to come.


We tested a variety of athletes in Woking, Surrey, which also saw a wide age range of attendees. A 14-year-old basketballer fell into the top 4% in the country on the Iso Pull strength test, scoring a fantastic 2423Nms. His strength is also reflected in his pro-agility time of 4.99 seconds, which placed him top 5-10% in the country for his age. Having a high level of lower body relative strength is a key requirement to allow athletes to change directions quickly. 25-year-old Chiara had a relative strength of 2.8 times body weight (1890Nms Iso Pull), which is in the top percentiles for her age along with 35-year-old Candice achieving a 2333Nms Iso Pull, with both strength and relative strength falling into the top percentiles for her age.





Our last stop in May took us to the county of Kent, where we tested young athletes of Ebbsfleet Utd FC, rugby athletes, martial arts athletes and Kent Cheer Academy. A young athlete that scored above average across the board was 12-year old Emilis – his vertical jump of 32cm and agility time of 5.59 seconds was impressive. Emilis is still 1.7 years away from his peak growth spurt meaning he has plenty of physical development ahead of him and potential for high performance as he gets older. We also saw a phenomenal 64cm jump from 19-year-old Michael, landing him in the top 4% for his age across the UK.





We have only highlighted a handful of the many talented athletes that we have tested across the country recently! MVP is out testing each week at schools, clubs, sporting events and our very own MVP open events. To book yourself or your child/team on to one of our open events you can either contact us at or book your spot here,.





See you there!


Team MVP.