Four common myths about obesity

Four common myths about obesity

Obesity is one of those conditions which generates a lot of myths and misconceptions. Despite more of us being classed as overweight or obese, it’s often surprising how little people really understand about obesity and weight loss. Here are just four of the most common myths we need to debunk.

Obesity is caused by slow metabolism

Many people struggling to lose weight claim it is down to their slow metabolism, when in fact there are no such thing as fast or slow metabolisms in an individual. It may surprise some to learn that resting metabolism actually increases the more excess weight a person is carrying, which means that the larger you are, the more calories are being burned when your body is at rest. Someone who is fit and at a healthy weight has more lean muscle. The more lean muscle an individual has, the harder it becomes to burn off calories both at rest and when exercising, making it easier for them to maintain and control their weight.

You need low-fat foods to eat healthily

This isn’t always true. While low-fat versions are often promoted as ‘healthier’ by the food industry, we all need fats in our diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the healthiest diets on the planet is, after all, the Mediterranean diet, which incorporates large quantities of olive oil and fatty fish. Many of the low-fat products you find on the supermarket shelves are high in other things, such as sugars and artificial chemical sweeteners. These are worse for your health than any naturally occurring fats.

Some people are too overweight to exercise

There is no tipping point at which you become too overweight for exercise. While launching from zero exercise to a full-on fitness regime is not advised and may even be dangerous, even the most obese individuals can gently increase their exercise and see the difference. Ideally, this would be done with the help of a fitness professional. They are better able to set realistic targets and gradually build up an exercise programme, increasing a person’s fitness levels and helping them to lose weight in a sustainable way.

You need to cut carbs to lose weight

Many fad diets revolve around cutting out certain food groups, and carbohydrates are often cast as the villain when it comes to losing weight. As with healthy fats, we all need some carbs in our diets. There are two types of carbohydrates to be found in the food we eat, natural and refined, and it’s the latter which we need to cut back on if we want to lose weight. These are the processed carbohydrates you find in things like chocolate, white bread and fizzy drinks, and are essentially ‘empty calories’ which fill us up without providing any of the usable energy the body needs. Carbs found in things such as potatoes, nuts, vegetables, beans and pulses are all perfectly healthy and give you the energy you need to function and stay active.

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