Struggling for ideas and motivation to work out from home?

Struggling for ideas and motivation to work out from home?

Some of you may be struggling for ideas to keep up your motivation for training during the lockdown. There are lots and lots of ways that you can keep up your physical activity (recommended 30 mins a day) levels within your own home and we wanted to share some of them with you.


This is a time you can get inventive with exercise and facilitate a sense of play if forced to work out indoors. You can either choose to work out from one particular spot/room or use the hallway, stairs and garden too to add in some cardio elements. Or you may decide to clean out your loft, like you have been meaning to for the last few months, which is both productive and keeping up your strength and mobility. Heavy objects should be handled correctly to reduce the stress on your back!


Physical exercise is the gateway to improving physical health and also shows links to boosting the immune system and improving mental well-being which is pivotal at this particular time. Exercise in almost any form is a key factor to reducing stress - Endorphins are the key hormone that is released during exercise and other physical activities - which is why exercise should be a priority to everyone's lifestyle, especially at this given time!


"But I have no equipment" you say...


There are many ways you can strengthen your muscles, whether you're at home or in a gym. Some examples of muscle-strengthening activities around the house that do not involve any equipment are:


Yoga - Fantastic for increasing mobility, posture and strength.

Pilates - Great for increasing core strength and mobility.

Body-weight training - Good for combining cardio and strength training.

Gardening - Effective exercise tool, however, depends on the activity, intensity and duration of what you are doing.

Lifting things & DIY - same as gardening.



"All I have is bands!" you say...


Bands are a fantastic tool to implement into any training program, whether it is indoors or outdoors and have the advantage of being completely portable and affordable!


You can introduce bands into warm-up activities to get the muscles firing, for example, banded crab walks for a lower body workout, or banded pull aparts for an upper body workout (see pics below).


Using bands can be used to add more resistance to an exercise like a banded squat or assist an exercise like a banded pull-up where the band helps you to the top! Adding resistance when your normal equipment isn't available will help maintain some of your strength or perhaps even gain strength in some areas that you aren't used to training!



Lower body band exercise ideas:


- Resisted Band Reverse Lunge


- Resisted Band Leg Curl


- Resisted Band Standing Calf Raises


- Resisted Band Glute Bridges


- Resisted Band Monster Walk



Upper Body Band Exercise Ideas:


- Resisted Band Bicep Curls


- Resisted Band Push-ups


- Resisted Band Face Pull


- Resisted Band Seated Row


- Resisted Band Lateral Raise


Project MVP has some fantastic workouts to get you started depending on your situation. No equipment or little equipment, follow the link below to see a selection of programs to get you moving!


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Disclaimer: Remember to work out responsibly in these uncertain times, cleaning equipment/shared living spaces before and after exercise is important as well as listening to what your body is telling you. Exercise can be an effective way to boost the immune system but over-training can have some negative effects. Therefore if you are uncertain about what you should be doing please seek advice from medical practitioners. As exercise advice may be bottom of a medical personnel's list at the moment right now, maybe take it easy until you are used to the movements and rest if you need too.