Back up and running? Why newly reopened offices need to consider workplace fitness

Back up and running? Why newly reopened offices need to consider workplace fitness

With a further easing of lockdown measures, the government is encouraging people to stop working from home and get back to their offices. As workplaces begin to reopen, albeit, with new measures in place, employee welfare is going to be high on the agendas of all responsible employers. Lockdown has been a challenging time and will have taken a toll on both the physical and mental health of your employees. So could workplace fitness programmes help?

The weight effects of lockdown

After months of lockdown, many people have reported gaining weight because they had been working from home and unable to get any regular exercise. Regardless of whether or not they were working out before Covid-19 struck, the pandemic has certainly focused everyone’s minds on staying healthy and getting in shape. The link between severe cases of Covid-19 and obesity came late in the day, but now that the science backs it up, the government is trying to incentivise the nation to shed some pounds.

Those who are overweight are at greater risk from Covid-19, as well as a range of other serious health conditions such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes. As these other conditions also put individuals at greater risk from Coronavirus, losing weight has never seemed so important ahead of a predicted second wave in the coming months. We may well be living with Covid-19 for a long time yet, so anything which can be done now can only improve the situation.

Why workplaces?

Some employers may question whether they have a role to play in tackling obesity, but they do owe their employees a level of care. As offices begin to reopen, things probably look very different on a number of levels. Now, therefore, might be the perfect time for caring employers to start taking the health of their workforces all the more seriously. The risk of employees falling ill could have a terrible effect on business only just starting to recover post-lockdown, so keeping staff fit, healthy and happy is crucial.

Workplace fitness programmes were already gaining in popularity prior to Covid-19, but now that things are starting to get up and running again, there could be a surge in demand. Employees wanting to lose the lockdown weight and find some structure to their exercise regime can find them beneficial. Having goals set and a regular time to unwind with exercise can bring both physical and mental health benefits, after a period when both will have come under immense strain.

Ready, Set, Go

Exercise really can be part of the ‘new normal’ as offices and workplaces begin the slow process of reopening. For those considering workplace fitness programmes, MVP provides personalised exercise plans which set ambitious but achievable goals and help your employees get in shape. Using our smart app to monitor their data, we can provide the most advanced fitness programmes available. To find out more, simply get in touch today.