Try these stretches to break up your day and to get you moving!

Try these stretches to break up your day and to get you moving!

If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time then it will do you a whole world of good to spend 10 -15 minutes stretching throughout the day to help you re-energise and help you to not lose productivity. Switching off your brain from work for 10 minutes can help you to focus better when you return to looking at the screen. The same goes for children, they will benefit from short movement sessions during studying from home and tend to enjoy short bursts of exercises more than longer sessions.


Stretching is also beneficial for the physical health of your body too, keeping your muscles engaged and improving range of movement will help to reduce muscle tension. Stretching also helps to increase blood circulation which can increase energy levels - so give this routine a go!



Greatest stretch in the world (that's the name of the stretch too)



This is a great whole-body stretch especially if you have been sitting for a prolonged period of time:

- Make sure you keep the back leg fully extended

- Lift the opposite arm and stretch it to the sky and don't allow your hips to drop to the floor

- Keep the front foot planted on the floor and do not let the knee collapse inwards

- Hold the top position for a couple of seconds before changing sides

- complete 3 sets of 6 reps on each side



Sit and reach stretch



A great exercise that stretches the hamstrings and also develops the squat technique:

- Bend your knees and grab your toes, you should feel a mild stretch on your hamstrings

Now drop your hips towards the floor and keep your chest up at the bottom of the movement

- Your elbows should be inside your knees. Use your elbows to push and keep your knees out

- Hold that bottom position for a couple of seconds and then raise your hips back up to the starting position, keeping a hold of your toes

- Keep your heels on the floor

Complete 3 sets of 10-12 reps



Couch stretch



This is a great stretch if you are suffering from tight hip flexors, especially if you have been sitting down for long stints:

- Make sure you have a cushion to put your back knee on so it does not become uncomfortable

- Rearfoot should sit comfortably on a couch or similar heightened surface

- Extend the same arm as the elevated foot as pictured, and rotate internally to work the hip  flexor through a greater range

- Complete 3 sets of 10-15 second holds on each side



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