Winning at any cost - The pursuit of excellence

Winning at any cost - The pursuit of excellence

To be the best in your field takes a huge amount of effort, both physically and mentally. Training hard and making sacrifices is part and parcel of the journey. It is all about those 1% gains and how to take performance to the next level!


Michael Jordan


A great example is Michael Jordan and his unbelievable drive to become the best basketballer on the planet…ever. The series is on Netflix and is inspirational!


But there is a limit to where the human body can go. And the temptation to push things further clearly got the better of a few high performing athletes. Most notably Lance Armstrong (read our in depth blog about him here) and others such as Ben Johnson (link to 100m racewho succumbed to taking performance-enhancing drugs in a huge drugs scandal in 1988.


Why did they do it? Only they can tell…but the pressure of winning is surely a factor in their decision.  

But by taking drugs these athletes are gaining an unfair advantage over their opponents and are bringing the sport into disrepute.  

The recent expose into the Russian Olympic drug scandal is available on Netflix and uncovers a whole world of corruption and shows that it isn’t just individuals that “cheat”…whole countries are at it too!


Here at MVP, our ethos is that in order to perform at your best (at work or play!) there is no substitute to eating good food, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, having a good work ethic and training in a smart way that is appropriate to your goals (Check out our custom training programmes here that take all things into consideration)


But there are things you can add to your regime that could help performance in a natural and legal way.

*Disclaimer…Unfortunately, there is no magic formula.  


Supplements are probably the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to legal performance enhancements. They offer a quick and very easy solution to the right nutrition choices. Things like protein shakes/bars take seconds to make and are very easily transported to school/work and should be considered if you are not getting the right nutrients into your diet at the right time. There are also other natural products that can be incorporated into your diet such as some herbs and spices (Tumeric as an example) that could be beneficial to health and performance. 


But food supplements should be just that. A supplement to your core diet which will include whole foods, various proteins, fats, fruits, vegetables and more. Hydration is a key component of this too, (check out our hydration blog here).


Whether you are a high performing athlete or not, you need to be aware of the supplements you select. There are just 3 things to look out for. 


1. Choose a reputable company. Make sure you check reviews (Trustpilot is a good one)


2. Avoid selecting supplements based only on price


3. Always look out for the “Informed By Sport” logo as there might be some nasty surprises in your protein powder otherwise which may lead to a failed drug test if you are performing at the highest level.


There is a lot of information out there when it comes to supplements so check out our blog on supplementation here which goes into a little more depth.


There are also lots of homoeopathic remedies that might be worth looking into but again, there are thousands of unregulated companies that could mean you are risking your health.


Again, we just need to be aware that there is no magic pill and no substitute for hard work.


Always remember that everyone is different. A one-size-fits-all approach fits no one well so get in touch with us ( and with MVP in your corner you will become the best version of yourself!



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