Work Hard, Train Hard & Rest Harder: Books, Movies, Documentaries and Podcasts Recommendations!

Work Hard, Train Hard & Rest Harder: Books, Movies, Documentaries and Podcasts Recommendations!

Lockdown is easing with some restrictions being lifted such as being able to travel to exercise and meet with one person outside of your household. Hopefully, this is bringing more fun to your daily workouts and a well-needed break from the home training routines. However, it is still advised to stay at home as much as possible, which means we may still be finding ourselves with lots of time to kill! Which is why we wanted to share recommendations from the team here at MVP to help you rest hard (indoors or in the sunshine) and enjoy your time you are spending at home - So put down the fitness app and add these recommendations to your lists!



Lee - Co-Founder:


Documentary: The Last Dance (Netflix)

Quite simply the best sports documentary ever. Real insights into the mindset of the best sportsman on the planet, which is, of course, Michael Jordan. Shows the dedication of what it takes to be the best in your field.


Book: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action - Simon Sinek

More of a business book but can be used across pretty much anything. Basically it is all about how important everyone's "Why" is. Why do you play football? Why did you start a business? Why does your business do what it does?


Podcast: Masters of scale - hosted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn

again very business-based but with a huge variety of topics they cover. My personal favourite is with Brian Chesky, Co-founder & CEO of Airbnb.


Mike - Head S&C Coach


Film: The Dawn Wall (Netflix)

This is a sports film likely missed by those outside of the climbing community. This documentary follows Tommy Caldwell and his endeavour to climb the Dawn Wall, a 1000m high vertical face of granite found in Yosemite National Park - California, it's named as such as this wall is the first in the valley to be illuminated by the dawn sunrise. The film shows how Tommy was an outstanding junior climber, he rocked up to Yosemite and climbed half a dozen routes within a year of arriving, most high-level climbers would be proud to accomplish one in their lifetime. To heal the pain of a divorce Tommy then dedicates 8 years of his life to the Dawn Wall in the hope of becoming the first person to overcome its difficulty. Watch hand-in-mouth as he takes fall after agonising fall during countless assessment climbs before drumming up the confidence to attempt it in January 2015, choosing the winter as cold rock has better grip and you sweat less, I will leave their success up to you to watch, enjoy and find out.


This film is one of the purest depictions of overcoming fear, hardship and disappointment to develop mental strength, willpower and forging friendships to put yourself on the right track toward success.


Book: Leading - Alex Ferguson

It's a phenomenal insight into the mind of arguably Britain's most successful coach, his dedication to the sport - waking up at 5 am daily - and his attention to the whole business was eye-opening. He says hello to the receptionist, cleaners, laundry staff not just his peers and players, knowing everyone and knowing the club mattered to him, it showed that he deserves the respect he demands because he is more than willing to respect even the smallest of cogs in the giant Manchester United machine. It's also a great insight into his coaching brain, how to manage players, the team as a whole, his scouting philosophy and tactics, if you want a comprehensive read about coaching, united fan or not. Give Leading a go.


Hammy - S&C Coach


Book: Living on the Volcano: The Secrets of Surviving as a Football Manager - Michael Calvin

This book compiles a series of stories from top managers such as Brendan Rogers, Arsene Wenger and Eddie Howe. Covers philosophies, coaching, man management and the highs and lows of the game we all love. A great read.


Film: Escape to Victory

An absolute classic football film set in a world war II prisoner of war camp. Prisoners have to form a team to take on the German national football team. Watch out for Sylvester Stallone as a goalkeeper and special appearances from one of the greatest (if not the greatest) footballer of all time.


Podcast: Man in the window - Daniel Whyte

Warning this is not a sport-related podcast but very compelling and easy to binge on.  The man in the window explores never before detailed accounts of one of California's deadliest killers. Live through the high's and lows as the mystery and story is unravelled.


April - Sales & Marketing


Book: A Life Without Limits - Chrissie Wellington

I am not into Triathlons or Ironmans, in fact, I struggle to enjoy running alone. But this book is about the four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion - Chrissie Wellington. Before becoming a professional athlete Chrissie worked in the British government as an adviser on international development and Rural Reconstruction Nepal, on development projects in Nepal. This is pretty impressive in itself, I loved reading about these projects and how she cycled around the neighbouring countrysides of Kathmandu. She became a professional athlete in 2007 and the rest is history. Chrissie is an incredible athlete, her results speak for themselves, she annihilated her competitors but stayed so modest which is why you like her so much!

Her mental strength is phenomenal and its a book about sheer dedication. It is a book that shows you how much you can achieve if you really want it - Inspiring read!


Film: Moneyball

Bit of a cliche sports movie with Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane, the baseball executive who challenged traditions of the game. It is based on a true story of how Oaklands Athletics teamed up with a Yale graduate (played by Jonah Hill) who has never played the game but uses statistical analysis to trade players and field the team that he believes will achieve the most runs. This means getting rid of overvalued players and fielding undervalued players. You do not have to understand baseball (believe me I don't) to watch this film, it is great at illuminating that money does not always bring success.


We hope these recommendations help you choose what to listen to or read or watch next!


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