Are your staff unlocking their full potential? Workplace fitness could be the key to success

Are your staff unlocking their full potential? Workplace fitness could be the key to success

However great you might be as an employer, people today demand more from their workplaces than they ever have done in the past. ‘Job hopping’ is on the rise, with around a third of employees saying they are dissatisfied in their current role. Asked what they would like to see improved, half of the employees in one study said they wished their employer would take a greater interest in the health and wellbeing of their staff.

While financial incentives can help keep employees in the post, they don’t necessarily make them feel valued on a human level. That’s why people who work for organisations which place greater emphasis on employee wellness are naturally much more satisfied. Workplace health and wellbeing initiatives also make staff healthier in mind and body, which means they’re more productive, more dedicated and able to unlock their full career potential.

The benefits of workplace wellness

We know that physical and mental health conditions are on the rise in the UK, and every year employers lose a staggering number of working days to illness. Obesity, stress, depression and other health conditions can be debilitating and severely impact a person’s ability to carry out their work. That’s why responsible employers everywhere are starting to sit up and take note of their teams’ requests for greater involvement in their wellbeing.

Working an office job sometimes means staff don’t have the time or opportunity to take part in things such as mindfulness workshops, Pilates or organised fitness programmes, among other wellbeing initiatives. Being trapped at their desks can be an isolating experience for employees, as well as meaning a more sedentary lifestyle with all the risks that poses.

Unlocking potential

Workplace fitness and other wellness programmes really can make a big difference to both the mental and physical health of staff. Exercise has been proven to enhance mood and give people that ‘buzz’ which comes with working out and achieving something. When employees are given the opportunity to take a break from their desks and screens, they always return feeling refreshed and motivated, which increases productivity.

For companies which invest in such programmes, it’s a win-win situation for both employers and employees. Employees benefit on a health level and employers see workplace satisfaction increase and retention rates go up. Staff who are happier are always more successful in what they do, which unlocks their career potential as they strive to replicate their fitness successes in their work.

Could workplace fitness work for you?

Health and wellbeing are something we’re all taking far more seriously these days. Organisations which proactively promote healthier living in the workplace really do see the benefits, with staff who feel incentivised and valued on a personal level.

MVP runs customised workplace fitness programmes, designed around an individual in order to help them achieve their goals. If you’d like to find out more about how workplace-based fitness could benefit your organisation, please get in touch with the MVP team today.