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How do I sign up?

The first step is for us to take some of your details and ask some questions. That way we can customise a program just for you. Just click this link ( and fill in the details. You will be directed to a program our coaches feel is perfect for you. Just purchase that and we will take care of the rest!

How does the subscription work?

With our MVP subscription you have access to all MVP content and your program with that subscription. Your programs start immediately after purchase and is active for as long as you would like. Payments will renew every 4 weeks.

Tell me more about the free trial. Is it really free?

Our completely free 14-day trial is exactly that. A chance for you to try out our training programs. Just use our custom training selector here and we will suggest a fantastic training program. You sign up for it and pay nothing at all for 14 days. After 14 days we will attempt to take your small monthly payment of £5.99. You can cancel at any time by contacting us at or calling 020 3923 4938. If your payment doesn't go through at any point we will restrict access. You can of course return to us at any time as we will save your progress for you. We are very confident you will want to stay with us once you have signed up!

How long will I have access to programs?

You will have access to the programs for as long as you would like. There is no contract so you can cancel at any time. Programs adapt and change over time to help your development and keep it interesting!

How do I cancel my account?

We will be sad to see you go! But understand your circumstances may have changed. Please contact us at and we can make the necessary changes. Please note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscription so any cancellations need to come through our email address. If you prefer to speak to someone please call 020 3923 4938

Can I pause my account?

Pausing accounts is not currently available. Please contact us if you have any concerns on

What if I want to switch programs? How does that work?

If you would like to change to a more challenging program or to a program which suits a different goal, then our experts are ready to find out more about you and adjust things appropriately. Please get in touch with us at

Can I request a refund?

You make payments to gain access to the app for the following 4 weeks. Please contact us on if you have any issues.

How do I change the email address on my account?

Please contact our team on 

How can I reset my password?

Please follow the password reset instructions in the app. Just click settings > my account > change password and you will receive an email.

How can I unsubscribe from your newsletters?

We send interesting educational content only and never intend to “spam” you. If you would prefer to not receive these then please unsubscribe from any of the mails you receive or contact us on

Who are Volt Athletics and why do I get emails from them?

Volt athletics are our trusted technology platform. We utilise their technology to deliver a world class service in combination with our leading training programs. You will only receive an activation mail directly from them.

Do you hold my card details and is it safe?

We don’t hold any credit card details at all. It is safer to let the payment providers deal with all payment instructions. We use market leading providers Paypal and Stripe who have the very highest security available.

Do you run credit checks?

We do NOT run any credit checks at all.

Are there any penalties for late payments?

There are no penalties, but you will lose access to the app and all your sessions!

Why am I being charged on the day I register?

You will be charged your first monthly fee so you can get access to the app and your programs for the next 4 weeks. Then another payment will be made 4 weeks from that day.

I haven’t received my activation email. What shall I do?

If you haven't received your activation link, please check your spam and junk folders and be sure to add us to your contacts. If no luck, email – there may be a typo in the email address entered when registering which we can fix straight away for you.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can either pay by credit/debit card through our payment provider Stripe ( or via Paypal (

How does payment work?

When payment is made Paypal or Stripe (depending on your choice) take the payment on our behalf and store a “token” to recur every month. We will take payment on the day you set up your MVP subscription then again on the corresponding day the next month (1stof the month if you paid on the 1st of the month)


How do I get started?

Once you have set up your subscription, activated your account in the app and logged in for the first time you will see all your amazing sessions ready for you to go! All you need to do is go to day 1 in your calendar and start your MVP journey!

Am I ok to undertake a fitness regime with MVP?

The use of all MVP content is at your own risk. You must be in good health without any physical complaints before using. If you have pre-existing conditions or other health risks, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor before using MVP training programs. This applies in particular to the following health problems: cardiovascular diseases, lung and respiratory diseases, spinal problems, joint problems, surgical interventions, neuromuscular diseases, and other health restrictions. When using MVP, always please take care of your health and listen to the signals of your body. If you consistently feel ill or unwell or have other health issues before, during, or after using MVP, we urge you to consult a doctor and then continue your training program only after you are well and fit again. All content offered by MVP, such as nutritional advice, tips, videos, and training notes are not in any way substitute for medical advice, examination or treatment

Are the sessions you suggest for all levels of fitness?

We only suggest sessions based on the answers to the questions in the customised training questionnaire. This tells us a lot about you and what would work best for you. Our sessions are designed for people starting their fitness journey all the way up to professional athletes and everyone in between.

Who wrote the MVP programs?

Our coaches have accumulated over a decade of experience in Strength and Conditioning and professional sport to help to devise your programs. Our head coach Mike has overseen every one of our programs to ensure it meets the MVP standard!

How do I change my program if my circumstances/fitness levels have changed?

We are here to help. If you have had changes in your access to equipment or feel you need a bigger challenge then we can transfer you to a program that suits you better. If you feel you need to change your program for any reason at all please don’t hesitate to contact us on and our coaches will make the necessary changes.

Why is my program sectioned into blocks?

It is the methodology behind our programs and it’s called “periodisation”. Periodisation is a method of planning which breaks down a longer period of training into smaller chunks or 'phases'. Each phase has its specific targets with all phases adding up to achieve the main goal. MVP takes you through progressive stages to help you progress and keep training varied and engaging. By changing exercise volume and intensity the focus of each phase varies to develop muscular endurance or power for example. If you are on one of our sports programs the app will adjust according to what period of the season you're in to help you to perform.

How many sessions are there per week and do I have to do every single one?

Each program can have up to five sessions per week (one per day) that equates to about £0.30 per session. Sessions can be completed after the date suggested, but to avoid overtraining, fatigue and potential subsequent injury you will not be able to jump ahead weeks or add more sessions to the week.

How long does each session take?

Each session should take around 30-50 mins including the warm-up. A little longer if you include some of the awesome free extra training found in the app (see finishers and primers question below)

What clothing should I wear?

You should wear loose comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear to make the most of your sessions an perform to the best of your ability.

When & what should I eat/drink before a session?

Ideally you should eat about an hour before you exercise to ensure the body has broken down some of the food to boost blood sugar levels, if it is more intense exercise you may wish to eat up to an hour and a half beforehand. Drinking water is best, hydration is most important for feeling good and performing well in your workout.

When & what should I eat/drink after a session?

Eating a meal balanced with protein, carbohydrates and fats will provide the best recovery. If you struggle to get protein into your diet a protein shake is a good idea, be sure to drink plenty of water to replace the sweat lost when exercising.

What are warm-ups?

It is important to warm-up before any kind of exercise in order to avoid injury. Each training session will include a Dynamic Warm-up, designed to prepare you for your workout. The right warm-up can significantly boost your performance during your MVP training by increasing delivery of blood to the muscles and stimulating your nervous system so you can activate more of the muscle you have! You may notice you can lift more with a suitable warm-up than jumping in cold.

Why do I have a choice of warm-up?

All the warm-ups in the app are great, a warm-up spent on one piece of cardio equipment for five minutes is a time that can be better used elsewhere. A warm-up is designed to prepare you for the task ahead, our warm-ups feature exercises that get the blood flowing, increase flexibility and activate the muscles you are about to use in the training session. Try them all and see which is your favourite. Some are longer, some are shorter and vary in intensity and require different access to equipment.

What are primers, finishers, conditioning and speed drills?

Within the app, there are some fantastic extras to the session you can include if you wish. Just scroll to the bottom of the app’s screen and choose your "primers" for after the warm-up and "finishers" at the end of the session. Extras also include conditioning and speed drills if you wish. Make sure you click "finish" before going onto the finisher, so your workout is logged.

Should I cool down after the workout?

Yes definitely. You should complete some light stretching to bring your heart rate down which will give you the best chance to recover fully.

If I miss a session can I catch up or will I need to do it on a specific date?

It can happen but no need to worry. You can catch up with sessions if you have missed them for any reason. See screenshot to see how to scroll to different weeks.

Why do my sessions keep changing?

Your sessions will follow the same pattern during a whole training block, usually 3-4 weeks, this is to ensure progression with an exercise. Sessions need to change to stimulate the muscles in different ways as this promotes greater adaptation, the changes are usually small e.g. a squat with a weight in your hands to a squat with a bar on your shoulders you are still making improvements to your squat but taxing your body slightly differently to keep the mind and body thinking.

What shall I do on “off days”?

Rest is a vital part of your development. Your body needs time between training sessions to repair itself before the next workout and fully realise training adaptations from the previous workout (e.g., muscle fibres growing stronger). You cannot continue to see improvements if you skip your rest days—and you might even risk overtraining. Sometimes “active rest” can be a great recovery tool for your off days between training sessions, especially if you are feeling stiff or sore from your last workout. Active rest is any low-intensity activity that raises your heart rate and encourages blood circulation without overtaxing the body. A gentle yoga session, easy walk, short jog, or a stretching and foam rolling session are all great options for helping you stay active on your off days—without overstressing your body.

I am sore from training. What should I do?

If you haven’t trained in a while or trained the MVP way before you will likely feel delayed onset of muscle soreness, known as DOMS, after your session for the first week, maybe two. This is completely normal, as your body becomes used to it you should feel less DOMS. If you are getting DOMS regularly it can be a sign of overtraining or under recovering, likely a lack of protein to repair the muscles.

I feel like I've hit the wall and am not making any progress. What can I do?

Firstly, reflect on your last few weeks training, have you been scoring most sets a 6-7 out of 10? If so, perhaps you have some more room to push yourself and make some extra improvements. On the contrary you may have been pushing yourself so hard you haven’t been able to recover between sessions to make effective improvement, take it easy for a week and see how things change.

Should I look to lose weight or build muscle first?

This is a personal choice for you, if you have any health concerns which have sparked this goal please consult your GP for further advice.

What if I need to take a week off or I am unable to train?

You have the ability to go back and complete older sessions, so you don’t miss any. Just use the calendar feature to scroll through your weeks and pick up where you left off (see screenshot below). If you require further help with changing your program, please contact us at and one of our trained staff will be able to adjust your program to suit requirements. Please note we do not offer advice around an injury.

What if I am injured? What do I do?

As a remote strength and conditioning provider, it is outside of our scope to provide guidance around an injury. We suggest consulting an accredited rehabilitation practitioner (physical therapist, athletic trainer, orthopaedic specialist, etc.). Even better, you can show them the app and have them recommend what movements to replace or what they suggest you can and cannot do.

I haven’t done weights before. Will I get “bulky”?

There are many variables to getting “bulky”, for women it is much more difficult due to their naturally lower testosterone levels. Most programs are not truly dedicated to muscle gain therefore you won’t get bulky off those. However, if you are looking to bulk up and are a newcomer, we recommend the strength and size program alongside a high protein diet.

I like doing cardio. Why isn’t there any in my training program?

Our programs are designed specifically for home workouts or make the use of weights facilities in a gym, they are designed to complement any type of cardio which suits you. Whether it be, rowing, cycling, running, walking, swimming or something else we feel cardio is most successful when it is enjoyable. We provide information about how to get the most out of a cardio session once you are a part of the MVP team.

Why are the training sessions around 30-50mins long?

Many people are short of time in their lives and don’t have over an hour spare to train, we have designed our sessions to be high intensity and densely packed with exercises to make the most out of your time at the gym. Beginner programs are closer to 30 mins with more advanced programs at the upper end. Use the primers and finishers featured at the bottom of your session if you’d like some extra work in your session.

How can I perfect my technique?

We have exercise technique videos for every exercise readily available for you in the app to help you master the moves for each program. You should watch these carefully and try to replicate them as best you can. In addition, each exercise contains technique guidance from our coaches - you must read these carefully and follow all guidance. If at any time you feel you are exercising beyond your current fitness abilities, or you feel discomfort, pain, dizziness, or nausea, you should discontinue exercising immediately. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and assume all risk of injury to your person or property.

Can I do more/less reps than prescribed in the sessions?

We strongly recommend you follow the recommended rep scheme, the rep schemes in each block are designed to match a performance outcome to help you get better. If you cannot achieve the recommended number of reps, reduce the weight until you can.

Can I combine my MVP training programs with my sports or other training activities?

Our sport specific programs are designed to complement your sports training, if you are on one of our advanced/Level 2 programs that aren’t specific to a sport such as the Level 2 Weight Loss we would recommend only adding cardio in addition to the sessions to prevent overtraining.

If I am on a gym-based program. What equipment do I need access to?

Below is a list of equipment that we recommend having access to. If you don't have access to equipment on this list or only some of the equipment you can use our movement replacement tool. It is possible to complete a workout without having access to all the equipment on this list.

Equipment Checklist



Stability Balls

Medicine Balls

Resistance Bands


Bumper Plates

Squat Racks

Plyometric Boxes

Glute-Ham Developers

Free-Standing Adjustable Benches

Adjustable Cable Tower

Cable Lat Pulldown Machine

Foam Rollers


TRX or Suspension Device

Trap Bar/Hex Bar


Cardio Machines

I need to buy some bands. How much do the bands cost?

Resistance bands can cost anything from £10-£30 for a set of 5 tubes of varying strength. For stronger bands, you may have to spend a little more money. *Please note that subscriptions do not include bands or any other equipment.

Will the bands snap?

Like anything, if cheap/poor quality equipment is bought then there can be a risk of it failing. We do not take responsibility for any equipment purchased. If you would like some guidance please contact us.

What if I do not have the right equipment?

If your gym doesn’t have the equipment shown in the app, or if someone is currently using that equipment. You have a few options. Firstly, swipe past it and try and come back to that exercise later in the session when it is free. Otherwise, you can replace a movement within your workouts with another that uses different equipment or no equipment at all. You can replace a movement for the workout, the block, or forever. Suggested movement replacements are provided, but you also have access to the entire library for any movement you wish. You can replace the movement before starting your workout or during your workout by following the steps below:

Open the app

Go to your day’s workout

Tap on the movement you wish to replace

In the upper right corner tap on the two little boxes to access the movement replacement tool

Select your new movement from the suggested list or from the library

Tap, “choose this movement”

Select if you want to replace it for this Workout, the Block or Forever.

How do I make my training harder or easier if I need to?

Please contact us on and we can discuss your requirements and move you to a more suitable program. If you are confident then you could potentially adjust the complexity of the movements in each workout by replacing any movement with a harder or easier option, right within your workout. If you would like to add more to your sessions take a look at the bottom of the app before pressing ‘start workout’, here you will see: Primers, Finishers, Conditioning, SAQ and Warm-Ups adding one or more of these to your sessions will be a great addition.

Is it possible to do 2 training programs at the same time?

No. The programs we have written are designed to be done on their own.

When should I exercise? Morning, afternoon or evenings?

This is a totally personal choice based on how you feel and where in the day you have the right amount of time. The most important thing is that you do it!

What is the difference between the MVP training programs and other online training programs?

Our programs are designed by highly experienced coaches who currently work with professional athletes and the general public. The program is designed to be adaptable and can be done at home with limited to no equipment and in a fully equipped gym. Our data analytics and AI allows us to use the data you input during sessions to provide insights into your development and as you start to get stronger and fitter the program uses cutting edge technology to automatically adjust your program.

Can you undertake the MVP training programs if pregnant?

Exercise can be hugely beneficial during pregnancy, however, we recommend talking with your doctor or midwife who will advise you appropriately as they have the best knowledge of your medical history.

How do you change exercises in the app?

When selecting to replace an exercise you will be presented with the options to replace it for the current workout, entire block or forever. A block is a 3-4 week period, devoted to a training target, in the screenshot, the current block is three weeks long focusing on strength, therefore the swap from BB Back Squat to BB Box Squat would be for the duration of the strength block.

I am having some issues with the timer in the app. How do I record the time if I am doing a "per side" exercise?

When doing core work such as side planks, where you are presented with a timer to use each side. We find it best to change position and let the timer run
e.g. swap from left to right on 30s and continue up to 60s, equalling 30s on each side.

Once you have finished, clear the timer and type in the time when you switched sides.

What weight do I add to the app when I am using dumbbells?

When using dumbbells it is important to type in the weight of both dumbbells combined, if you have a 16kg in each hand, write 32kg down. It is measuring the total weight you have lifted and makes for a better comparison when moving onto barbell work.

Can I see what weights and reps I have done from previous sessions?

You can see your history for a particular exercise on the workout screen before pressing 'start workout'. Click on any exercise and it will give you the previous weights you performed and the number of reps you complete, it's a great way to check progress! You can also check this when actually completing the workout. Just click the "info" button when on an exercise and you will see your movement history. 

The App

Why have I gone into the app and seen my sessions don’t start from “day 1 – week 1” and seem to have jumped into the future. Why is that?

Day 1 for you is the day you received your account details asking you to download the app. If you leave a gap between and you logging in then you won't be on the same timeline. All you need to do is scroll back to the beginning of your calendar and start with session 1.

Can I do workouts I can see in the past and the ones in the future on my calendar?

You can scroll back, and complete sessions missed in the past, but you cannot go to future workouts as the order of progression is designed specifically to provide the correct dose of rest and hard work.

Can I change the exercise, sets and reps in the app?

There is a certain amount of changes you can make to your sessions. You can swap out the exercise to another of your choosing. You can adjust the weight of the exercise to suit how you are feeling during the session and you can type in how many reps you achieved whether it’s more or less than prescribed. You cannot add sets to the session, but you are able to swipe past an exercise if you are too fatigued. We always suggest that if you are changing exercises often you might not be on the right program and you should contact us for some advice.

Can I change the weight units?

All our sessions default to kilograms if you would like to change this to pounds (lbs) go into the settings within the app where you can make this switch.

How do I complete workouts so I am registering the sessions in the app and why is that important?

When you get to the end of each session you should click the “finish session” button. This is so we can gather the data from your sessions and use it to improve them.

What is RPE?

RPE or rate of perceived exertion is a scale that is used to subjectively to judge how hard a person is finding an exercise/task. The scale is on a 1 to 10 basis with 1 been very easy and 10 been your maximal effort. Whilst using the app you will be asked to enter your RPE after certain exercises. Once you enter this Cortex will produce an 'e1rm' for you. An ‘e1rm’ is the estimated maximum weight you can perform one repetition of the exercise for.

What is Cortex™?

Cortex™ is a revolutionary performance training AI that builds, tracks, adapts and evolves each user's workout plan for continually personalised training, set by set.

What are Smart Sets?

If you’re training on our app, you’ll notice in your workout experience the Smart Sets feature. Cortex™ will periodically ask for your feedback and adjust your training from set to set in order to give you the best workout possible. Just input how hard or easy the set felt and Cortex™ will adjust your workout in real-time to push you to just the right level. The result is less guesswork and more accurate guidance throughout your workout

What is the readiness check-in?

The readiness check-in is completed before each workout and asks questions about how you feel and what you feel your preparedness is for training that day. We will use these details to report back to you and see how this potentially affects your workout success and development.

What smartphones are supported?

The app is readily available in all of the app stores and most phones are suitable for use.
Smartphone: iPhone, Android phone. Tablet: iPad, Android tablet, Kindle Fire tablets

Can I use the app on a web browser?

You can view your sessions in a browser, but the best experience is through the app.

What system requirements does my computer need to meet?

We recommend that you use a PC that is not older than 4 years. However, an older model does not necessarily rule out using MVP. For a smooth playback of the videos, a stable internet connection of at least 6 mb/s should be available. Don't forget MVP only runs when you are connected to the internet. The following functions must be activated in your web browser: JavaScript and cookies (in this case, the settings should be at least at the middle level or "Only accept those analysed by the origin server"). Devices on which the MVP app can be used:

PC or laptop

smartphones and tablets (Android 4.2 or higher)

iPhone and iPad (iOS 10.3 or higher)

Fire TV (2014 or higher)


Chrome, version 51 or higher

Firefox, version 47 or higher

Safari, version 9 or higher

Microsoft Edge, version 25 or higher

Internet Explorer, version 11 or higher

The exercise demonstration isn’t playing correctly. How do I fix it?

Sometimes the videos get “stuck”. Just swipe back to a previous exercise and then back again. This usually resets it.

Events For Athletes

What clothing shall I wear for an MVP event at my school/club/organisation?

The majority of our events will be held in highly controlled indoor conditions and we recommend you bring a tracksuit to warm up and cool down in. Taking part in an event there are no rules to apply but we recommend trainers, shorts and T-shirt, athletes should feel free to wear whatever they are most comfortable in. We also recommend bringing a sweat towel.
NB: If an event is held outside or under different conditions you will be given at least 24 hours notice.

On the assessment day what should I eat and drink, and when?

Staying hydrated throughout life is crucial to performing at your best, even a 2% drop in hydration can significantly affect performance! Bring a 1-2L bottle of water to consume throughout your event to stay hydrated. We will provide a guide prior to your testing day that will explain in more detail how we suggest you prepare.

Will there be somewhere safe to leave my belongings at the assessment day?

Unfortunately MVP can take no responsibility for individuals belongings and we recommend leaving all non-essential items at home. There may be locker facilities available at our events but they are provided by the venue so we have no control over them. We suggest you bring a small rucksack or bag with you that you can move from station to station as you work your way through our tests.

After the assessment day where can I view my results?

After the event within 24 hours you will receive an email with a link to your dashboard, here you will be able to view the results.

How long do the assessment days last?

A comprehensive guide to the tests with all relevant information will be provided prior to the testing day with details of start times, length of tests, and other vital information that will ensure that your testing day is well organised and more importantly fun! Our tests have been carefully selected and the length of the assessment day varies according to which package that has been chosen. 

What will I be doing at the assessment day?

We have consulted with some of the best health, fitness, and performance specialists to design a suite of tests that create a comprehensive athletic profile that shows not only athletic ability but also overall health. The tests include strength, power, speed, agility, fitness, and reactions as well as cognitive ability to ensure that a well-rounded view of you is achieved.

You'll be taking part in a series of seven physical tests alongside your peers, which have been designed by our sports scientists to assess your health, fitness, and athleticism. This also includes a brief warm-up/warm down and some simple questions to ensure we can give you the best service possible.

Our tests have been carefully chosen so that anyone with any ability or fitness level can do them! Not only are they simple to perform, but you'll also have loads of fun doing them. All tests are supported by the latest scientific evidence and most importantly they require your best effort.

Can anyone take part in assessment days? Do I have to be very good at sport?

Our range of tests are carefully selected to give an excellent overview of a participant's physical capabilities and a guide for all levels of the athlete to aid improved performance. The tests are selected to be as inclusive as possible, however, if you are aware of a pre-existing medical condition then you should consult your Doctor. Please note all participants at MVP events are required to sign a waiver which is available to view at

What will I get from the event? If I do well will I get scouted?

Not only will you receive your athlete report, our coaches will also send you the best information on nutrition, training, recovery and sports performance. We also have great relationships with all national governing bodies of sport in the UK, professional teams across a wide range of sports and Universities/Schools in the USA for potential scholarship opportunities.

I am disabled. Can I still take part?

Yes, we will be guided by each individual athlete on which tests they are able to complete. In the near future MVP will have specific tests and events designed for disabled athletes.

What happens if I am injured before or during an event?

MVP staff are highly trained in first aid, resuscitation, injury management, health and safety. We recommend that you consult with your doctor if you have any prior or post concerns.

What happens with my results?

Most of your results you'll find out there and then on the spot! Our coaches will also further analyse the results in the days following your event and you'll receive your own athlete report. Within this report you'll not only see your results, but where you rank compared to your peers and all other athletes from across the UK that we have tested. Rankings are specific to your age and gender to ensure that they're fair. Your teachers and coaches will also receive your results, which with our guidance they'll use to improve your health, fitness and sporting performance. Teams, colleges and sporting organisations from all around the world can access your results as they search for the best athletic talent and next superstar!


Events For Schools/Clubs & Organisations

How do I book an event?

MVP is famous for running the most efficient and accurate events ensuring as close to perfect data collection as possible. To guarantee you get the dates you want we recommend you book 3 months in advance. You will need to pay a non-refundable 20% deposit. Please call our booking hotline on 020 3923 4938 NB: The balance will be due 14 days prior to the event, you must cancel 14 days in advance otherwise the full event cost will be charged.

Can the date of my MVP assessment day be changed after booking?

After an event is booked you are able to move that date with more than 14 days notice subject to availability and as long as the event occurs within 30 days of the date of the originally scheduled event. Please contact us for further details.

Do the athletes have to sign up to any MVP subscriptions to take part in an event?

Each individual participant will need to register with MVP in order to view their results online through their MVP profile. The basic MVP profile is free to all, for additional benefits of the membership services please check out our training app which has over 3000 exercises and plans that are bespoke to the individual. 

How will our school/club receive their results following an event?

After the event within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a link to your dashboard, here you will be able to view the results of all individuals who have given permission for you to view their data and a breakdown of averages across groups, years, classes or however you have requested to have the information broken down. As participants attend more events over time their profile will build a picture and show how they develop, this will also be true across groups to enable you to have an effective monitoring tool and support you in improving everyone.

What sort of facilities do I need to be able to run an assessment day? Do you offer services outside of the UK?

We are set up with our vans and teams to cover the whole of the UK this is entirely dependant on availability. If you wish to hold an event abroad please contact our customer support team on 020 3923 4938

In order to collect perfect unbiased data, our ideal scenario is that we have an indoor hall or arena with enough space to hold the events. The dimensions to be able to conduct the majority of the tests are the equivalent of 4 badminton courts. Larger venues mean we can accommodate more tests. If your facility is not that size or if you only have outdoor space do not worry MVP can and will adapt to ensure this opportunity is available to all please call 020 3923 4938 and we can discuss options.

How will the participants know what time they will begin the assessment day?

A comprehensive guide to the tests with all relevant information will be provided prior to the testing day with details of start times, length of tests and vital information that will ensure that your testing day is well organised and more importantly fun for the participants.

How will the participant be grouped? Can I choose?

We will group the participants based on a number of different criteria and we will adapt to the organisations preferences where possible.

Why have you chosen your particular set of assessments?

We have consulted with some of the best health, fitness and performance specialists to design a suite of tests that create a comprehensive athletic profile of the participant. The tests include strength, power, speed, agility, fitness and reactions as well as cognitive ability to ensure that a well-rounded view of the participant is achieved.

Will I have to warm up the participants prior to your arrival? Or will MVP take care of that?

In short, yes! Our staff are highly trained professionals from the sporting world including, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers and senior PE staff and they will coach participants throughout the whole process.

Can someone with little experience of sport and exercise participate in the assessment day?

Our range of tests are carefully selected to give an excellent overview of a participant's physical capabilities and a guide for all levels of athlete to aid improved performance. The tests are selected to be as inclusive as possible, however, if you are aware of a pre-existing medical condition then you should consult your Doctor. Please note all participants at MVP events are required to sign a waiver which is available to view at

Are the assessments you do recognised by any governing bodies?

These tests are recognised by a wide range of national and international sporting governing bodies and are designed to give the best overall profile of an athlete. MVP are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology so the tests will be continuously reviewed.

Can both disabled and able bodied athletes take part?

Yes, we will be guided by each individual athlete on which tests they are able to complete. In the near future MVP will have specific tests and events designed for disabled athletes.

Is your equipment accurate and safe? What happens if your equipment breaks?

Ideally, everything will run smoothly on the day and although MVP will do everything to prevent any mishaps with equipment, it can happen if something does occur our staff is fully trained to ensure that your data remains valid using alternative methods. The equipment is regularly reviewed and checked to make sure it is safe and disinfected prior, during, and after any assessment day. 

Have the staff that will be attending the school/club been fully trained and DBS/CRB checked?

Yes, MVP conducts stringent referencing and checks on all MVP employees so rest assured you are in very safe hands. All staff have the relevant qualifications. 

What happens if the facility that is holding the assessment day becomes unusable for any reason?

In the unlikely event, a facility is no longer available after the 2-week deadline MVP will do our utmost to find another suitable facility within a reasonable distance. Any additional cost will need to be covered by the customer and you will be responsible for transporting participants to and from the facility.

Will MVP supply all the manpower required to run the day without any help?

For the sake of continuity and ensuring all participants feel as comfortable as possible in order for them to perform at their highest level we recommend that you make your staff/coaches available but…… MVP will supply enough staff capable of running the full event.

How many participants can you assess?

We are fully equipped to be able to handle large numbers of athletes but to make sure we give them as much individual attention as possible we will generally put a maximum number limit per session and run multiple sessions throughout the day. That way we can ensure the results they get are accurate and up to the exacting MVP standards.

Can you offer any free trials or discounts?

We are looking to work with organisations long-term, therefore, please contact our sales team on 020 3923 4938 to discuss your options further. If your athletes are looking for programs outside of any assessment arrangement we do offer a 14 day free trial on our app. 

What happens if a participant is injured before or during an event?

MVP staff are highly trained in first aid, resuscitation, injury management, health and safety. We recommend that you consult with your doctor if you have any prior or post concerns.

Are you GDPR compliant? What happens with the data you collect?

MVP ensures that we are fully GDPR compliant and take our data security seriously and have taken all measures to ensure that your data and that of the participants is safe. Only people authorised by the athletes will be able to view individual data.

What if I am not happy with an event you have run and want to make a complaint?

MVP will do our best to ensure all our events run like clockwork but if you have any areas you feel need improving we will always be available to listen to feedback so please call 020 3923 4938. If you have a complaint please contact your account manager and we will make things right for you! 

Further Help

What countries are the MVP app available in?

MVP can be purchased from any country and downloaded when you have an internet connection and your currency is supported. Please contact us for more details on

Do you offer the app in any other languages?

Currently we only offer the app in English.

Will I get more information on training, diet and more from MVP?

You will automatically be subscribed to our sequence of education mails helping you to get the most from your training on the app. If you wish to no longer receive these please unsubscribe from the mail or contact us on

Can I share my MVP workout on social media?

Yes absolutely. At the end of the session, you can create a “snapshot” of the workout you just completed. Remember to tag us into the post @project_mvp

Who do I contact if I need help?

Our team are ready to help in any way they can. 

Phone: 020 3923 4938

Email (general):

Email (Technical & Program Queries):

I would like some more personal contact with a coach. Is this possible?

We do offer a more in depth set of programs that includes individual contact with one of our experts. Please contact us on 02039234938 or email for more information about our bespoke programs.  

Can I print out my program schedule?

You can take a screenshot or access your training program via a desktop.

I have friends I would like to offer this app to. What is the best way of doing this?

Great. The more the merrier! You can either send this link or contact us if you have lots of friends you would like to offer it to and we can set something up for you.

Can I use the app anywhere?

You can use the app anywhere there is internet connectivity. Some countries do restrict access to some apps, please contact your service provider for more information.

Data Analytics Services

How long will I have access to the software?

You are welcome to use the software for as long as your account is active and fully paid. There is no contract so you can cancel at any time. But please be aware that if your payment fails you will no longer have access to the data analytics sections in your portal. 

How do I get started?

Once you have purchased the product ( one of our friendly team will reach out with further onboarding details.