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Fun and engaging workouts that can be completed anywhere.

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Unlock your potential with MVP

Our individually crafted programs are designed to help you to achieve your physical potential. Decades of experience and market-leading technology means that having MVP in your corner will accelerate your development to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

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With decades of experience in both professional sport and the field of strength and conditioning, our programs have been specifically designed to help you to achieve your goals whatever they are.

By understanding your needs through a quick but detailed questionnaire we can then provide programs that suit your circumstances.

Our programs take into consideration your physical profile, your ability (from professional athlete all the way to someone who is at the start of their fitness journey) and access to workout equipment. Whether you train at home, in a gym or a studio we have the workout plan just for you!

With health and fitness elements including muscle growth, muscle tone*, fat loss, strength, power, speed, health, flexibility, core stability and more!

We also have lots of sports-specific programs including Football, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf to help you to excel. We literally have something for everyone.


With a library of over 3000 exercises all with clear instruction, we are the fitness coach that is with you 24/7.

Being one of the best data analytics companies in the UK we can also provide insightful information about your progress to aid your development via the latest AI and machine learning. Your programs will automatically adapt to your performance and keep you motivated to continue on the path to achieving your goal!

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Everyone is different. That is why we individualise EVERY single program. By working with you to understand what you want from your program we design a cutting edge program that can be enjoyed anywhere anytime!

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We have partnered with Volt Athletics to provide us with a fantastic platform to deliver our programs right to your smartphone! Your interactions with the app allow us to analyse what is working and automatically adjust your programs for you. Keeping you interested and gently pushing you according to your feedback!


mvp Coach Support:

In addition to your 24/7 access to the app, you will also receive FREE advice from our top coaches if you would like to change programs, speak about your goals or discuss how to take your performance to the next level.

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Join thousands of other people across a wide range of abilities who use MVP to track, improve and achieve their goals. Our huge database of people helps us to guide your training and take your performance to the next level.

What They Say

I used to have a Personal Trainer before lockdown and wanted to keep training. I tried a couple of their programs over a couple of weeks and they were helpful finding the right one for me as I found some of them too easy. I even bought gym equipment and my sessions were adapted!
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Barnaby Adams (PhD Contemporary Art Theory student)
I play competitive sport and needed a way to keep my fitness levels up but also track progress. MVP was able to give me a challenging program and let me know exactly how my fitness levels were.
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Chris Owen (Gravesham & Wellcome Hockey Club)
The majority of the team at Williams Kent have been using the MVP strength and conditioning app for 3 months now and we have all seen positive results. We all try to spur each other on and it really has kept the team connected during lockdown.
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Kevin O’Brien

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