Beginner - Bands at Home

Subscription details

Session Length: 30-40 mins

Frequency: 5 Days/week

Equipment required: Resistance bands, kitchen chair, towel/yoga mat for comfort

Training Goal: Beginner workout, confidence builder, easy to moderate intensity

This 5 day a week program is designed to provide a combination of basic exercises and exciting challenges to guarantee results. The use of bands adds more variety available at home and allows the gradual progression of difficulty with an exercise, a band set has various resistances meaning the same movement can be made slightly more difficult week on week.

This program includes a mix of upper and lower body and can be completed using chairs, steps and door frames as assistance. It aims to improve your strength, flexibility and fitness whilst remaining in the comfort of your home. It is ideal for someone who hasn’t completed regular exercise for a while and would like to build confidence in performing exercises at home before venturing into a gym.


How long will I have access to programs?
You are welcome to train with us for as long as you subscribe. There is no contract so you can cancel at anytime.

How do I make my training harder or easier if I need to?  

Please contact us on and we can discuss your requirements and move you to a more suitable program. If you are confident then you could potentially adjust the complexity of the movements in each workout by replacing any movement with a harder or easier option, right within your workout. If you would like to add more to your sessions take a look at the bottom of the app before pressing ‘start workout’, here you will see: Primers, Finishers, Conditioning, SAQ and Warm-Ups adding one or more of these to your sessions will be a great addition.  

Can I change the program I am on?
Yes, if you would like to change to a more challenging program or to a program which suits a different goal then please get in touch with us at

What if I have to take a week off or I am unable to train?
You have the ability to go back and complete older sessions, so you don’t miss any. Just use the calendar feature to scroll through your weeks and pick up where you left off. If you require further help with changing your program please contact us at and one of our trained staff will be able to adjust your program to suit requirements. Please note we do not offer advice around an injury.

What if I am injured? What do I do?
As a remote strength and conditioning provider, it is outside of our scope to provide guidance around an injury.

We suggest consulting an accredited rehabilitation practitioner (physical therapist, athletic trainer, orthopaedic specialist, etc.). Even better, you can show them the app and have them recommend what movements to replace or what they suggest you can and cannot do.

* subscription does not include resistance bands